Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Movement on the Press Credentials for Bloggers Front

Some interesting progress reported by cutting-edge sports blogger Eric McErlain of Off Wing Opinion. Working in conjunction with Caps owner, Ted Leonsis and Caps media staff, Eric has published a draft of some basic guidance clubs might use for the credentialing of hockey bloggers. Don't know Eric personally, but I've been inspired by some of his futurist views on the evolution of this media. Note just some of the other successes of members of this community over the past year:

  1. Paul Kukla now blogs for, and deftly uses the forum to expand the big tent and evangelize for the new hockey media.
  2. Tyler Dellow (, Chris McMurtry (, Patrick Angello ( and David Lee ( participated in a multi-segment playoff blogger forum on cnbc. com.
  3., one of the premier sports media/culture blogs, routinely links to posts that originate in our community.

I know I'm missing other breakthroughs. Chris of PK got a guest role on the Hockey Night pre-game, Her Majesty on Jim Rome...but the point remains - these times, they are a changin.'

Now the dilemma. If and when somebody awards me a press credential, I'm not sure how I would approach the opportunity. Would it look bad if I walked in an immediately started chowing down at the press row buffet table? Will I have to look the other way whenever Grapes starts french kissing Darcy Tucker? Is it "cool" to interview the interviewers? Will I get access to the Storm Squad locker room? Will I be obliged to talk to Kid Rock like all the other journalists?

Maybe James Mirtle could produce a code of conduct/insiders guide that will help regular folks like us better comport ourselves when venturing into this new environment. I wouldn't want to get off on the wrong foot with my new brother journalists. Can't wait to meet Cousin Ned and that lovable old curmudgeon Jack Todd...


James Mirtle said...

I might have something for the weekend.

CasonBlog said...

Looking forward to it.

The Acid Queen said...

If I were going to ask for press credentials (as if I'd get them), I'd make sure to NOT ask for a Montreal game. I'd be far too tempted to kick The Deserter in the nuts.