Friday, August 04, 2006

My 5 Weird Thangs

DLee tagged me, so here goes...

1. I hate the telephone. At home I rarely answer, rarely even look at the caller id display to see who it is. I have to answer the phone at work, but when I do, I have this incredible urge to bring up solitaire while I talk. The urge increases with the likelihood that the person on the other side of the line will bore me. I think it's an adult ADD thing. I can't stand to engage only one sense at a time.

2. I played in a band in college we initially called "The News." We changed our name to "the Cement Heads" after Huey Lewis broke. The Sniffer was on drums, Dirtball on guitar and Ronnie Wisdom (or Ronnie Wad depending on the audience) was the lead singer. His big KISS-like stage trick was to paint his face black and white and spit mouthfulls of beef stronganoff at the audience. I played bass...poorly - sort of like the fat kid with no skills who gets stuck in right field. Sniffer is now a very successful architect in the Bay area. Ronnie is a big-wig with INVESCO, and Dirtball is now a TV and radio celebrity in Cleveland.

3. I once killed a bluejay with my Daisy BB gun with a single shot from the hip that tagged the lil birdy in the mellon. I felt so bad I buried him in a shoebox and created a little cross to go on the site (hope he wasn't Jewish).

4. As a kid, my favorite toy was always my latest stick. I could make a stick into anything - a musket, a spear, a wizard's staff. My kids watch a cartoon with a little Indian or Pakistani kid who has a wooden plank for a friend. I can relate.

5. I once engaged in a 35 mile Cannonball Run-type race from I-275 in Cincinnati to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio coming back from college spring break. I was driving my buddy's Monte Carlo and the competition was in a Camaro SS. We hit speeds in excess of 120 mph on many occasions. At one point I had the speedomter pegged at the little odometer nob. I pulled ahead for good by cutting thru a gas station in Millville (the birthplace of Kennesaw Mountain Landis) thereby avoiding the only stop light on the route. It's I wonder I survived to this point of my life.

By the way. It's a cool 84 in Tucson today. says it feels like 85. Yesterday it got up to around 77 in the Old Pueblo. Right about now it's 99 in Raleigh and feels like 106. Have fun cutting the Kudzu and crabgrass this weekend boyzzzz.

I tag PK, American Hockey Fan, JP, Mudcrutch and End o the Bench


Drew said...

End O' the Bench, awesome. The Dublin Irish Festival is going on this weekend.

Have a great weekend! I'll get my weirdness up soon.

CasonBlog said...

The thing I remember about Dublin was that all the houses in Jack Niclaus' Muirfield neighborhood were battleship gray. I also once saw Dave Thomas in his red Caddy coming out of the Wendy's HQ. His license plate said, "Sizzle."