Wednesday, August 23, 2006

NFL Network Fills the Void

NFL Smackmaster Rich Eisen
I'm really missing hockey right about now. I've got somewhere near 500 channels on Direct TV and still really only watch three channels: Fox News, Comedy Central and the NFL Network. The other day, I sat and watched about an hour of coverage from the Colts training camp. How desperate am I for hockey when I'll sit and watch Peyton Manning throw 10 straight curl route passes to a unsigned free agent receiver from the Devry Institute of Technology? Only the NFL Network is bold enough to bring you live play-by-play coverage of basic passing and catching drills from week two of training camp - no offense, no defense, just Peyton and four receivers going thru basic pattern and timing drills live from Terre Haute, Indiana.

On last night's exciting edition of NFL Total Access, Rich Eisen had a discussion via Pantherscam with Steve Smith. Steve got off some nice smack on old community college teammate Chad Johnson. Unimpressed? I thought so...but it beats Greta Van Susteren and endless JonBenet Ramsey coverage any day in my book. These guys at NFL Network do more with less than any network I've seen since the days when ESPN programming was little more than SportsCenter and Australian Rules Football.

If you don't get NFL Network, you'll just have to live with bad news from the war fronts, creepy unsolved murder cases, summer reality show re-runs and 24-7 Yankee/Red Sox coverage on ESPN, ESPN2, etc.

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