Friday, August 18, 2006

Thrash Sign Evil Bookend

Alex Tanguay has a Shane Willis moment
The defense of the Atlanta Thrashers just got a little better with the addition of Vitali Vishnevski. Should be a nice evil bookend to that little ball of hate, Garnet Exelby. Expect lots of highlight reel hits this season from the boys in the powder blue third jersey. Greg of Post-Pessimist, blogging on Hockey Rants hails the move.

The Thrash should have made the playoffs last year with that talent pool, but fell short. They put together a nice four game winning streak in April only to lose the final two games of the season (to the Craps and Panthers) and miss the playoffs. Tough year for Don Waddell highlighted by an Olympic meltdown and a playoff guarantee that went south.

I remember Thrash color-man, Darren Eliot, remarking during one late-season broadcast that Ilya Koval-chick had finally learned to hate losing more than not scoring, prancing and taunting. The Thrash are the team I most love to hate. That being said, and much as I hate to admit it, the Atl will be a very tough draw this year. I think they learned some lessons the hard way in April, and will come out a different team. But if the gods are kind, the Thrash might still have an Achilles groin in the goaltending department.


gsdgsd13 said...

Strange as it sounds, I'm cheered to see you having some hate for the Thrash. The Southeast is just too damn nice. It needs a little conflict.

CasonBlog said...

If we keep winning Cups, the SE haters will be forced to shut their pie holes. Jawing and taunting on an Oil/Flames scale will only enhance the rivalry.