Monday, August 21, 2006

VOP Update and My Drive Home from Hockey with Art Bell

Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM - The Official Post Game Show of VOP Hockey

Valley Oasis Pools Still on a Roll
Yet another shootout victory for the boys in dirty white. This time versus The Edge. The Edge are one of those teams that routinely have at least three lines and three defensive pairings every week. There are teams in our league that are lucky to put five skaters and a goalie on the ice, and The Edge bring 15-17 skaters every time we play them. So much for league balance.

The Edge have one of those guys who blast around the rink at Warp Factor 8, teetering on the edge of destruction on every shift. He had two breakaways that ended in abrupt meetings - one with the dasher and the other with the goal post. He did score their only shootout goal, flailing as he released the shot and then crashing yet again into the end boards. Their goalie couldn't move laterally very well, and our boys hung him out with two top-shelf backhanders.

Next up - Second place Sakura Sushi and Teppan Yaki

Art Bell on the Drive Home
One of the joys of being the newest team in the league is that we are usually slated for the late game. I've got a 45 minute drive home, and it's usually around 11 pm when I start the return trek. The last couple of early AM's (AM back east that is), I've been enjoying Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. Art's radio show mainly focuses on the paranormal, alien invasions and weird science in general. He broadcasts from a super-secret location somewhere in the Philippines, but there seems to be no transmission lag in his discourse with callers. Got to hand it to Art. He brings absolutely no skepticism to his host/caller dialog. A guy calls to say he was abducted by aliens who stuck a probe up his schnoz, and Art asks how his other orifices fared. Here's a list of caller topics from last night:

  1. Dog possessed by the devil is cured by a layman's exorcism. Pooch now happy and wants to go walk-ees.
  2. I see shadow people. Who are they Art?
  3. I am a mouth-breather abducted by aliens who stuck a probe up my nose.
  4. Art, why can't you create an electronic device that will change the hearts and minds of Islamo-Fascists?
  5. I died Art, and Heaven is like an LSD-enhanced dream. OBTW, God sent me back to earth and told me to pass the word that judgement day is near.
  6. There's a ghost cat in my raunchy meth-addict motel room.
  7. Arrrrrrrr ya still interested in some pirate booty? Let me send you some Art...


ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi ich bin Chriswab aus Bottrop. Viele Grüsse !!

CasonBlog said...

Viele Grüsse and Wilkommen back at you mein Herr. Mein Deustsch ist nicht so gut. Was ist up in Westphalen? No you Germans can't have Erik Cole back this season ;)

Ingmar "W" Bergman said...

I see shadow people. Who are they Art?

The enemies of the Vorlons? ;)

I used to listen to Jeff Rense and his radio show before and it was the same thing. No lag whatsoever.

I have to check Art out.