Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Behind the Blog Updates

Jersey's and Hockey Love is the feature of one of Christy's "Behind the Blog" installments. I love reading these, almost makes hockey bloggers seem human.

In honor of Tapeleg now joining the august cadre of featured hockey bloggers, I offer one of my favorite jerseys. This is the official jersey of the Tucson Ice, D3 Buzzards. This standard CCM practice jersey features a slick cartoon buzzard on the front, and the number 88 not so slickly screened on the back.

The jersey was supposed to have just the number 8 on the back (always my favorite number), but junior in the pro shop decided to take two shots at perfecting his heat-screening technique. The kid burned his hand on his first try and misplaced the first 8, but got better on his second attempt. The logo of our sponsor, the Old Pueblo Firefighters Association, is also displayed on the right sleeve.

The latest Behind the Blog features The Army of the Ohio.


Tapeleg said...

Yeah, I almost am human. Thanks for the shout. Here's hoping I make it to the end of the season.

Great logo on the jersey. That looks like one tough buzzard. What is he eating? The opposition? Too bad about the screwed up numbers. Of course, double numbers mean superstar, but this one may mean you are destined to a comcussion.

CasonBlog said...

Not sure what he's munching, but I think something is twizzled on his fork. I'll check. Kind of has that old Looney Tunes look eh?