Friday, September 29, 2006

Coyotes and Ducks Tomorrow Night!

Real !#*&?!!*!! - ing hockey is back !!!

Heading up to Phx tomorrow for the game. I'll get to check out these new Ducks duds up close and personal (from the upper deck).

Probably won't see Selanne or Nagy. Selanne needs to let his re-arranged face heal, and Nagy cut his hand in a scrum the other night. According to the Orange County Register's Ducks blog, Bruno St. Jacques apparently has a chance to secure a roster spot.

Team Batarang is a popular preseason pick to make it to the Cup finals. They've got a great crop of young, fast and physical forwards to go along with seasoned vets at the top of their game. I'm looking forward to seeing Pronger and Niedermeyer tomorrow night - not sure if they are both playing D on the PP. Hope you Ducks fans are doing all you can to keep Mrs. Pronger happy. Cause if momma's not happy, nobody is happy. Yeah the OC is sexier than Edmonton, but LA and the Big Apple are wicked-sexy.

Conversely, pundits are waiting in breathless anticipation to put a fork in the Coyotes. It is definitely hard to get excited about this Legion of Dinosaurs. I do like the younger guys they have on the blueline, but where are the future Getzlafs, Schremps or Brule's in the Coyotes system? Oh, that's right, the still have Krispy Kreme out there if they want to enhance a little team chemistry. Jovocop and Boynton should be fun to watch. But once the blueline makes that nifty outlet pass, every offensive rush will morph into slow motion mode, a la The Matrix.

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