Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Odell Thurman is NKR

Odell Thurman: drunk but very respectful
This was an acronym from my Navy days. It stands for "Not Kwite Right." It was used to describe a person or situation involving rampant stupidity bordering on insanity.

So the wife and I are sitting there watching the Bengals/Steelers game on Sunday when I turn to her and say something along the lines of, "The Bengals linebacking corps is doing pretty well without David Pollack and Odell Thurman. Can you imagine how good they'll be when Thurman comes off his suspension?"

No room left to imagine - at least for the season at hand. Odell pissed away his shot at an early season date with redemption at around 3 am on Sunday morning when he and fellow Eagle Scout, Chris Henry, got stopped and popped a .18 on the breathalizer after a night of binge drinking in celebration of the Bengals victory against the Steelers. Odell's excuse? He told the officers, "I was driving them because they had more than I did." At some point during the process, and I guess to provide physical evidence in support of pal Odell's claim, Chris Henry blew chunks out the window of the SUV.

For Odell, the blow is huge. Already on the outside looking in, and with a rich history rich of substance abuse and bad decision making, he will have eight or nine months of unstructured time on his hands. Unstructured time is the enemy of substance abusers and the immature. They say you have to hit rock bottom before you can pull yourself out. If Odell can gather his senses enough to realize what he has done, he might still redeem a promising career.

Chris Henry seems in no hurry to get his personal affairs in order. Speeding and driving under the influence; Marijuana and weapons possession, serving alcohol to a minor, and now puking out of car windows during a police stop, Henry seems to be enjoying his descent into debauchery. He also doesn't seem to care who he takes with him. Great talent. Clutch playmker. And yet a guy whose own college coach warned the Bengals about.

Chris Henry has once again let his teammates down. Not only did he he throw Odell Thurman under the bus, he took a rookie along for the ride. No word from Bengaldom on how the events of Sunday morning will affect Chris Henry's status.

Coach Lewis -Now would be the appropriate time to make a statement to Henry and the teammates he has let down. Mandatory enrollment in a residential scared straight program on Devils Island or two months of missionary duty with Mormons in Saudi Arabia seem appropriate.

Here's how to fail a field sobriety test:


Drew said...

I'm a Browns fan, but I had great hope for the Bengals franchise when they hired Marvin Lewis. He talked a good game, bringing in character players, and returning the Cincinnati program back to respectability.

Well, he's got a pretty good team on his hands, but I don't think that he's exactly drafting character players. There are "less than desirable" individuals on any sports team, to be sure. But why state that you'll bring in only upstanding citizens when 1) often it's out of your control, or 2) upstanding citizens may not be the best players available at that particular time?

In any event, it's really about wins and losses, no? And in that respect, as a Clowns fan, I should really keep my mouth shut. :)

CasonBlog said...

I thought the Browns offense played hard the whole game vs. the Bengals. They also gave Modell's birds a run for it last week. Kellen Winslow Jr. needs to pipe down and play. The real force for evil in the AFC North is of course the Ravens.

Chris Henry bugs me to no end because he's dragging others down. Dude can catch balls in the clutch, but he's a train wreck.