Thursday, September 14, 2006

Remain Calm...There is no need to panic...

The day started great. Luke DeCock's article in the N&O seemed to really put closure to the Jack Johnson as trade bait saga. Jack Senior steps out - sets the record straight. Pop says JJ wants to be a Hurricane, values his education and wants to finish out his dream of leading the Wolverines to an NCAA title. At least it seemed everybody knew where things stood.. .

Now this on

"Now that Frantisek Kaberle will miss most of this season because of
shoulder surgery, the Carolina Hurricanes are in desperate need of a

"Desperate?" Somebody splain to me how desperation rears its ugly head before the start of camp. Somebody tell me how desperation is the kind of leverage a GM wants right about now. Geeez JR! Play some poker, will ya? Get out there and do some perception management. It's Frankie Kaberle. Yeah, he's the Hurricanes best offensive-defenseman, but it's not like the Canes just lost Scott Niedermeyer. If I see some deal go down that involves Jack Johnson for Derek Morris, I'm seriously gonna hurl.

You can go to war with Wes, Heddy, Commie and Nic. Tanabe and/or Babchuk might even prove a pleasant surprises. Tanabe might even give the club some of that offensive -defensman mojo. Plus, Jason Woolley and Cale Hulse are in camp as insurance. Why hit the panic button? These articles make JR look like Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House. I hope it's only the pundits who are projecting or inferring " desperation." Me thinks it's time for JR to step out and put and end to all this rot. A public vote of confidence for his boys right about now would be nice.

Usually, when I get wind trade rumors like this, I get giddy like a little school girl and start musing about the possible options. Today I feel no gid. Nope, "Desperate" is just not sexy.

Now Marc Staal, now he might be sexy...damn, there I go again. Oh well, just go with it man....I say let's get all the Staals and make them Hurricanes. Jordan, Marc....and how about signing 15 year-old Jared Staal to one of those multi-year Wanger deals. JR could lock Jared up for at least 20 years!!! Hell, twenty years from now we'll probably be able to clone us some more Staals!!!!

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Zanstorm said...

You are exactly right. It's only KABERLE!!! Gad, the rumor mongers need to relax.