Monday, September 11, 2006

VOP Epilogue

The D3 playoffs started and ended on Saturday night for Valley Oasis Pools. After a season-ending six game winning streak, we lost 6-1. Our leading goal scorer, and the only guy older than me, was out with a possible blood clot in the back of his neck. Our second leading goal scorer, his son, was rightfully at this side Saturday night in the hospital. None of our sunshine roster members showed up leaving us with one extra forward and one extra defenseman. At the start of the third period, we lost that extra defenseman to a 12 minute combo-penalty. Not sure I've seen a 12 minute penalty before. He got 2 minutes for slashing and 10 minutes for misconduct after the slash. The 10 minutes didn't actually expire until a stoppage of play. That extended his time in the box another three minutes.

The team we played had two ringers. You could pick them out immediately. While the rest of the team wore Sharks jerseys, these two had Blue Jackets and Sabers jerseys on respectively. Sabers jersey guy was the classsic cherry picking ringer. He hung out all night along the side-boards as far away from the play as he could get looking for the homerun pass. He never lined up for a faceoff. If the drop was on one point outside the blueline, he positioned himself on the opposite side. "Fabio" also had a Jagr-esque mullet pulled back into a poneytail.

I played D against Fabio three or four times over the course of the season, and got pretty good at pushing him to the outside or disrupting his rush. But by the end of my 10 minute-plus shift, I was pretty beat. They had gone up 6-1 and Fabio decided it was time to turn on the jets and really show off. He crossed the blueline with the puck and decided to try go through my legs and pick up the puck on the other side. In my diminished physical state, I figured I had just a couple of options. Can you guess which one I chose?

  1. Turn and try to disrupt his rush with an aggressive backcheck
  2. Turn and let the goalie handle the shot while I try to cut off any late pass attempt
  3. Cross check the bastard straight up and drive his pretty boy ass into the ice

(hint: I ended up taking a penalty)

That's gonna be it for me and hockey till at least next spring. I have an MRI sheduled on the shoulder I blew up playing hockey four years ago. Based on the fact that I can't lift my left arm beyond about 30 degrees vertically, and the fact that I feel a "pop" whenever I move the shoulder suddenly (coughs, sneezes), I expect I'll be back under the knife again.


Chris said...

You're way nicer than I would have been in your position.

CasonBlog said...

I bet you would have gone Hansen much earlier. Good luck with your season. Are the Knights (burgundy and gold Minnesota Gophers jerseys) still around? I used to play for that team at the Rec Zone.