Monday, October 16, 2006

The Allison rumor...again

Saw it teased on, but couldn't dig deeper because I lack "insider" status. It's also at in their "NHL Truth and Rumors" feature. Jason Allison to the Canes to help on the PP.

The quote SI attribues to the Globe and Mail seems to muddy the waters a bit:

Jason Allison is in Toronto, unemployed but staying in shape, spending time with
his children and waiting to see if a team that's a better fit for him makes an
offer -- say the defending Stanley Cup champion Hurricanes, where he could
go and play for coach Peter Laviolette and perhaps help their power play get untracked. -- The Globe and Mail

Is "untracked" Canadian for on-track?

Makes no sense. The Hurricanes are healthy at center. Staal and Roddy's play has picked up, Belanger is too new to pass judgement and KAdams is a lifer. Spector links to two articles that indicate both Craig Conroy and Mike Comrie might be had. If the Canes were shopping, my advice would be to take Conroy for prospects. Even Comrie and all his philandering baggage is a better addition than Allison at this point.


Aucoin and Bayda are emergency call ups for tonight's game in TB. No Isbister or Willis? Looks like Lavvy just wants warm bodies to man the 4th line. Bayda was a roster lock until the Jack Johnson deal went down. Maybe coach wants to throw the boys a little bone. Or maybe he wants to showcase them a bit...

Will John Grahame make a triumphal return or will his presence on the bench only serve to justify screaming John Tortorella's disdain for him? Alan Maki of the Globe and Mail picked up a little pre-smack from Grahame. If John is in the pipes tonight and tanks, it could be Jamie Storr deja vu all over again in Hurricane land. Love the drahhhhma of NHL hockey.


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

yep - untracked = on track

as a resident of Toronto who saw many Leaf games last year let me just say that you do not want Jason Allison on your team

that is all

CasonBlog said...

My education in things Canadia continues. Thanks for the enlightenment.