Monday, October 09, 2006

Brothers in Neck Injury Rehab?

Bad news from Bengal-world. David Pollack's brief NFL career might be over. David suffered a broken neck vertebra making a head-down tackle on Cleveland Browns running back Reuben Droughns. His journey since the injury two weeks ago reminds me a lot of Erik Cole's last spring.

According to this article in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Pollack seems pretty down. I know Erik had some down days during his comeback, but unlike Cole, who enjoyed the adoration of the fans and the constant attention of his fellow Hurricanes, it doesn't look like Pollack's getting much of a boost from his fellow Bengals. Looks like it's just David and the Lord to face this challenge. Chris Henry and Odell Thurman have nothing going on these days...on second thought, scratch that idea. Late night drives, guns, booze, underage girls, orthopedic halos and pain meds are probably not a good mix. Stick with the Lord, David.

Erik Cole has a some time on his hands early this week between bag skates and ultimate fighting championships at practice. A brief phone conversation might do them both some good.

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