Thursday, October 26, 2006

Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't it?

I've never quite understood who the target market of GQ is. Even when I lived in that age demographic, I didn't get it. Is there a magazine for men who have a waistline greater than 28 inches? The more I see this stuff, the more I feel a kinship with Larry the Cable Guy.

Now comes this image of Eric Staal, and it only leaves me more in the dark. Is this supposed to be Jimmy Olsen meets Derek Zoolander? Are ambiguity time shifting part of the deal? This borders on Kovalchuk in a kilt. Eric! You've got a nice flannel shirt hanging there. Just put it on!!*(*!@%&#!! ...fer Crisss' sakes!!!

I heard the boys in the Canes clubhouse gave Erick a ration for this - and rightfully so. All he's missing is something trimmed in fur, or maybe some tight leather chaps. Once those guys from Queer Eye for the Canadian Guy entered the room, Eric should have made for the exit.

This is making the rounds today. JP gave me the heads up, and it's about everywhere by now. I'm probably first in my time zone to post it, so I'm not that far behind. Click here if you haven't seen Grey Blackwell's Flash animation parody now on the N&O. The outtakes are hilarious.

Canes and Lightning tonight. My take is up on Southeast Shootout.

Props to Bubba for the shameless rip-off of his musical theme angle

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