Friday, October 20, 2006

It's Hockey Night in Narnia

Briere and Tallinder Seen Strategerizing at Thursday's BuffaSlug Practice

Big game tonight for the Canes in the city that global warming forgot. Like the mythical and snowbound kingdom of Narnia, all the good creatures scattered years ago to places of warmth and safety, leaving Buffalo to the wolves, witches and evil dwarfs.

The BuffaSlugs are undefeated and the darling of hockey's pundit class. Rumor has it, they've got the champagne already on ice.

Hurricanes Game Night Checklist
  • Make sure both grampas on defense are well rested...check

  • Make sure Cam Ward has his Fruity Pebbles and juice box and is left alone until game time

  • Tell David Tanabe to relax and play within himself

  • Remind Tim Gleason that discretion is the better part of valor
  • Offer a free steak dinner to every Cane who blocks a shot tonight
  • Smother Briere, Drury and Afinogenov - drive Slug wingers into the corners and make them pay
  • Get bodies in front of Ryan Miller, and bump him a time or two... on accident of course
Both squads are rested and don't much like each other. Scott Norwood will be a game time decision for the Slugs. The ghost of Brett Hull may make an appearance tonight for the Canes. No matter what happens, it's still early in the season and the sun will come out tomorrow...except in Buffalo.

In the immortal words of Marvin Gaye, "Let's get it on."


peter said...

Sabres, not Sabers.

Toasties are going to lose tonight.

CasonBlog said...

You are right sir. According to Wikipedia:

In British usage, some words of French, Latin, or Greek origin end with a consonant followed by -re, with the -re unstressed and pronounced [ə(ɹ)]. Most of these words have the ending - er in the U.S.

Even tho it is just un-American to end it with an "re." - it is so. Thanks for the reminder.

CasonBlog said...

Game winning goal by Tim Gleason's love handle.

Damn Dem Slugs are good. They play every shift like the expect to score.

Time to look forward to game ten.

peter said...

Toasties put up a good fight though. Sabres can't be giving up the puck so much to a team as good as them.

The pipes were pretty kind to us tonight, too.