Sunday, October 15, 2006

Knock off all that evil!

I thought it was another bad hit in Pittsburgh's arena of death. I ran the DVR back and forth and at every angle it looks like Colby Armstrong leaves his feet at full throttle to hit Trevor Letowski with his shoulder in the side of the head.

It's good, it's appropriate and it's un Orpik-like that Armstrong was instantly remorseful. And it's kind of hard to stay mad at Colby, since he looks like he's about ten years old.

The NFL enforces a helmet-to-helmet fine and suspension rule, often enforced after further review. I'd like to see players who hit like this - like Garnet Exelby Friday night on Eric Belanger, penalized more severely. Give 'em two or three games and fine 'em $5k or so.

I love hitting in hockey. Anybody who's ever played knows it's a game for predators. I hate play that borders on, or drives right into the realm of dirty. I'll never stick up for any guy who goes dirty. And any hit directed at somebody's head should be penalized.

Last night Commie tried to drive Sid Crosby's mellon thru the glass with both hands as they both chased the puck into the end boards. Love Mike's game at playoff time, and love to see him block shots and enforce his will in the defensive end, but that hit on RBK's Cover Boy was over-the-line.

Resting Heddy and Wes looked like a good idea. Grampa's need a night off every now and then. I thought Nic Wallin stepped up last night. No burning in the nether regions last night when Tanabe touched the puck. Justin Williams looks like he is still pressing. Once he finds his groove, all should be good.

That is all. Bolts are up next.


The Acid Queen said...

Tick references for the win.

I've already been told that I have to sleep through every 'Canes game from now through whenever--boy, I'd love to see my boss's face when I tell her I can't work second shift Friday cos I have a game to sleep through.

CasonBlog said...

Glad you caught that one. Just about the funniest adult cartoon since Rocky and Bullwinkle.