Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lazarus, aka Bill of A2Y, Returns

Lordy I was glad to see this today on Kukla's Corner. It would seem that all the reports of A2Y's demise were greatly exaggerated. This from IwoCPO himself:

"I leave for two months (and when I say “leave”, I mean zero hockey...no
news, no games, nada...)"

Not sure just where he's been, but I'd like to hazard a few guesses...
  • Running Florida Congressman Mark Foley's re-election campaign
  • Serving as a motivational consultant for the Phoenix Coyotes
  • Training Todd Fedoruk in hand-to-hand fighting techniques
  • Working as Jason Allison's agent...pro bono, of course
  • Rubbing down Dominik Hasek's aging groins nightly in the vain hope of keeping him in the pipes for the duration of the season

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