Monday, October 09, 2006

Looks like I picked a good weekend to...

...remain blissfully ignorant

Opening weekend for the 2006 Carolina Hurricanes was apparently not a thing of beauty. Good news for me is, I didn't see much of it. So I'm still ulcer free and basking in the memory of the last time I saw the boys. It was opening night last Wednesday. The wife was off reading her "historical fiction" novel and all the munchkins were in the rack. Around 10 pm, I plopped down in the lounge chair and called up game one on the DVR. Yeah, the Sabers got two goals on multiple body part deflections, and the boys were taking a slew of bad and lazy penalties, but Staal, Whitney and Cole were flying and it was tied late into the third.

That's when the recording stopped. Learned a lesson DVR vets probably already know. It only records for as long as the event is scheduled. Missed the last 5 minutes of regulation. Found out online that the game ended in a shoot-out. So round one goes to the undefeated, Eastern Conference points-leading and already prohibitive favorite to win the Stanley Cup and not go Norwood, Slugs.

On Thursday, we loaded down our fine Chrysler european-style touring sedan (again, not a minivan), with luggage, bikes, sporting goods, electronic media etc. and headed to a rental cabin in Arizona's White Mountains for the weekend. Got to the 10 mile mark on the trip odometer before #2 son asked if we were there yet...

We enjoyed very little connectivity with the outside world, no Internet, no cell reception. Loved the 60 degree daily highs, the cool breezes, the scent of pine and some incredible cold water lakes and mountain vistas. The Ponderosa Pines up there remind me a lot of the Loblolly Pines of North Carolina, except it doesn't look like the Ponderosa's snap and fall on the nearest roof or car at the first hint of inclement weather.

The shot at the top of this post was taken from the Mogollon Rim about 2,000 feet above the valley below. The valley is at about 4,000 ft.

So, what did I miss? Yup, still blissfully least until Wednesday night.

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