Sunday, October 22, 2006

Love was in the air?

You Two Get a Room!!!
"Ooooh, you're lookin' pretty good in those tight breezers Mikey-boy...gimme some sugahhhh..."

I now know the missing element in team chemistry on this '06 Carolina Hurricanes team. It's man-love. The light went on for me right after Mike Sillinger scored the tying goal in the third. A jubilant Jason Blake tackled Sillinger and kissed him square on the mouth - game over. How can you defeat that kind of brotherhood? Alexander the Great and the Romans built empires on it, and it is the missing element the Canes need to turn this season around. It's love baby.

The Good
Heddy looked real sharp, and Justin Williams and Erik Cole are flying. The 4th line also played their hearts out.

The Bad
How many whiffs has Tim Gleason had over the last two games? He's spitting pucks like Tverdovsky. John Grahame is looking a lot like Jamie Storr. One fabulous flash of the glove does not a solid backup make.

The Ugly
Too many lack of hustle/discipline penalties - four hooking and two tripping. The blueline is still an issue. Commie is taking a ton of penalties. Gleason, Tanabe and Babchuk are there, but they aren't cleaning up and imposing their will. Big ole Babchuk outta be bending Trent Hunter over the sideboards, not vice versa. Nic Wallin looked like he had his game back, now he's out with a leg injury.

Me thinks the boys need the three day break; a little whirlpool, some more time on that Rec Zone ice to get Belanger and Gleason integrated. They can also take some time to work on that team chemistry. These are manly men, doing manly things in manly ways as only manly men can do with other men. Bring in Michael Palin; trade for Jason Blake. Let's see a little Cabin Boy love !

Thrash invade on Wed.


Caniac said...

I was wondering if I had spotted that correctly: 2 big burly hockey players planting smacks on each other! Despite the Islanders taking one of my favorite former Canes defensemen...Sean Hill...I had to laugh when I saw how affectionate the team could be. I hated watching us lose after coming back from a 2-0 deficit, but on the bright side, at least we got 1 point out of it!

The Acid Queen said...

Oh, so that wasn't the flu making me see things?

Heh, now that's funny.

d-lee said...

I was watching that game at a friend's house after a long day of Scrabble tournament. I thought I was hallucinating, so I backed it up on the TiVo like six times. I still wasn't sure that I hadn't imagined it. Good to know that I didn't.

CasonBlog said...

The scary thing was Sillinger actually looked kind of twitterpated immediately afterwards. I guess it doesn't matter how old you are, you never forget that first kiss.