Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Maven-Moments, Mishkin and Espo, Oh My

My Maven-Moment
The other day, I had my first maven-moment of the season. I'd call a maven-moment that time late at night at the keyboard when you drop a one liner into a post as a casual observation - one based on gut instinct, the desire to be coy or flip, or maybe just intellectual laziness. Mave usually drops in a ! when he drops da fluff. Here's one from last week:

The fact that Al Ovechkin last week had a hole-in-one the very first time he
was on a golf course does not surprise us. We’re dumbfounded that he didn’t
follow up by buying the course!

Well call me "Al" if that's not edgy Big Apple journalism at its best. And who's this "we" or "us" he's referring to?

Here's my maven-moment from a Canes/Penguins recap of early Sunday morning:

Justin Williams looks like he is still pressing. Once he finds his groove, all
should be good.
I just forgot the lousy ! at the end of the line. And Justin did find his groove last night, so I'm bloody brilliant, ain't I? Stand by for more scattershot mave-moment riffs.

Mishkin and Espo Together Again
Driving home last night, the Canes/Bolts game was on Sirius. No Chuck Kaiton. It was Mishkin and Espo. And yes, the king of screetch is back for 2006. Only caught the first period. Good news is Mishkin only got off one screaming caterwaul over the course of the first period. And he had to wait until late in the third to celebrate a Bolt goal - long after I was elsewhere and the game was in the bag. Wonder if he has a silent scream for meaningless goals?

Here's an Espo line from the first period that pretty much sums up the Bolts play last night, and what Espo brings every night to the broadcast booth:

God that Rod Brind 'Amour just kills the Lightning, fer cryin' out
Espo must have the ultimate gig. No research, no show prep, just show up and blather incoherently every few minutes around Mishkin screams. I wanna work that hard after I retire.


J.P. said...

I actually had a post on The Maven earlier today, oddly enough also about his particular brand of "journalism." Of course, my title was less subtle than yours.

CasonBlog said...

Channeling the Mave. That's when you know you are in too deep.