Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Morning Riff

Day One in the Shootout
Thanks to all who made their way to Southeast Shootout yesterday. Big SE Division games today for everybody but the Canes. Our boys have four straight SE games next week beginning with the Thrash on Wednesday. I hope Caniacs will tune in and bring the smack...errr, thoughtful analysis.

Last Night in Narnia
I DVR'd the game, but got home in time to watch the last 13 minutes of the third. Like I said in my comment last night, "Damn dem Slugs are good." Buffalo is faster, their centermen are winning the puck and winning nearly every faceoff (I think I saw the Canes win one in the 3rd). And they are creating time and space to make crisp passes to cutting or open-enough players who made plays (damn you Vanek!). And yes, the sun did come out Tucson. Et tu Buffalo?

Now a Moment of Coyote Miserating
The Canes never quit - unlike the Coyotes on Thursday night. That was the game Chris from Coyotes Tele-marketing wanted to sell me nosebleed seat tickets to...and give me a hat. I watched the game after all in the Cason household went to bed. The Yotes TV team put Darren Pang down between the benches to do his color commentary, and he looked real lonely. Nothing but empty seats behind him. Reminded me of the other night in LA when the Red Wings faithful totally drowned out the 11 or so Kings fans who make it to the mid-week game.

By the second period, I was on FF level 4 just watching for the score icon to change. Miserable game. I say, keep Boynton and the defensive corps, offer the entire lot of those forwards to Metallurg Magnitogorsk as part of a settlement deal for Malkin's midnight run to prosperity.

Coyotes captain, Shane Doan, spent the whole game fixated on Sean Avery. Every shift, every scrum in front of the net started and ended with smack between the two. Avery was in his head all night. And the two got booted late in the third. Nice to see a team captain take himself out of a game like that.

Wayner's Coyotes are mired in abysmalia. A miserable year ten of their "decade in the desert" now looms.

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