Saturday, October 14, 2006

Seconds of Pleasure

Just a few thoughts on this fine Saturday morn

.5 Seconds
Thank God it was Ray Whitney in the slot with .5 left last night. Piss on Mallory Vishnevski. Andrew Ladd knocked him on his can but took the worst of the hit. Piss on you, Garnet Exelby. Nice hit to the head from behind on Eric Belanger. No prancing and posing from you, Ily baby. When interviewed after the game, Kovalchuk would only say:

"And he stoned me to my soul. Stoned me just like jelly roll, Yeah Cam stoned me."

That being vented...Eric Staal looks lumbering out there-almost Malik-like. I don't see explosiveness in his strides or transitions. And the D still reeks. My hemorrhoids burn whenever David Tanabe touches the puck-that can't be a good sign.

A Dub is a Dub. Hopefully all that feigned concern we've all heard from closet Hurricane-haters will die down.

Coyotes Telemarketing
So I'm driving to my daughter's volleyball game on Thursday when I get a call on the cell. It's "Chris" from the Phoenix Coyotes. Instantly I remembered the Web survey I finished last week about my recent Glendale Arena/Coyotes experience. The enticement to answer a gillion questions about smiling faces and hot nachos? A cool $250.

So I'm thinking Chris wants to award me my $250. Nope, Chris wants to offer me (and I'm sure only me) upper bowl seating at a $20 discount and a free hat. I say, what about the $250? At first Chris says, Yeah I'm sure they gave the money away already. When pressed however, he admits to knowing nothing about the survey or the $250.

Disappointed, I tell Chris I've got a volleyball game to catch. Chris however, still wants to work a deal on the nosebleed seats and hat. The game is next week vs. the Kings. I tell him I'm interested - not because of a dopey hat, but because I want to see Anze Kopitar. You can tell Chris doesn't know Anze from Angie Harmon. Chris asked if he could call me tomorrow (Friday). It's Saturday, and I haven't heard from my personal Coyotes agent yet.

Ok Bubba, id. the musical reference in the post title for a chance to win $250. If you win, I'll have Chris call you.


J.P. said...

That game turned into a regular ol' Southeast Shootout, didn't it?

CasonBlog said...

Yup. The same kind of game was being played out down in FLA last night. Evenly matched and teams. Passionate and under-rated fans. Southeast hockey rocks.
(can you say, "foreshadowing")

Bubba said...

Sorry my friend, I was clueless about your song title reference until I googled it out of curiosity. Very interesting! I would have responded earlier, but went to Florida over the weekend. Wish I could have stayed to see the Canes tonight!