Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Slovene 101 for NHL Fans

Slovenia - Land of Enchantment and Kids Who Dress Like the Stanford Mascot

The LA Kings' Anze Koptiar is all the rage right now. Hockey media and hockey fans are noting with some amusement that this rising star comes from little ole Slovenia. Here are some factoids about the the land of my ancestors to help you wow folks and sound real smart at your next cocktail party.

  • The nasty blackened bags around Koptiar's eye sockets are probably the result of a chronic sinus condition. They do not mean he's a zombie or that his homeland is some kind Transylvania-like nation inhabited by the un-dead.
  • Slovenia is not Slovakia or Czechoslovakia - different language-totally different heritage...and yes, Czech babes are still much hotter.
  • Slovenes make great wine and are avid skiers - thus the greatest cause of injuy and death in the country is drunken skiing.

  • Slovenia was the first slave-state under the old Tito regime to seize their independence after the old tyrant-bastard keeled over.

  • I have kitchen chairs made in Slovenia and they are very solid - not sexy, but real solid...kind of like Slovene women.

  • Slovenia has produced as many Nobel laureates (1) as Iran and Venezuela. Take that Mahmoud and Hugo!!!

  • Boris and Natasha came from Pottsylvania, not Slovenia

That is all. Now go out and share your new enlightenment with others.

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