Thursday, October 19, 2006

Southeast Shootout has it covered

Senator Rodman-Clifford was right. It takes a village. In this case, it takes a village to pimp for the NHL's Southeast Division. Today is D-Day for Southeast Shootout, a brand new site dedicated to covering hockey in the NHL's most exciting division.

"SeSo" (see-so) as we are calling it in shorthand form, is the brainchild of JP, host of Japers' Rink and our friend in the most powerful city in the world, Washington D.C. JP and I got to talking a few weeks ago about our shared desire to expand our role in hockey's new-non-mainstream-alternative media. Our sole goal - to build a big tent and generate buzz amongst the rabid and swelling ranks of fans in hockey's final frontier - The American Southeast.

Check it out this weekend and make plans to join in the circus. Open threads on intra-divisional matchups slated for Saturday night including Captain Melt-Down's 'Ning vs. Craps and the Luongo-less Kitties in Mordor South to take on Hartley's Thrash-goons.

We've lined up blogger ring masters to cover each of the SE Division teams, and our team will rant and rave on issues, events, personalities and divisional games in the SE from time to time. We want main focus will be on your participation, on growing the village and on pissing off all the SE Division haters. Our clever little tag line reads, "Come for the weather - stay for the hockey." Check out SeSo and help us make SE Division hockey and it's fans the envy of the league.

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Bubba said...

Great idea and best of luck with the new venture! I tried to do a Southeast Division blog last year and it turned out to be too much for me. You're doing it the right way, with help. I know it will be great and I'll be reading!