Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Darryl Reaugh Uncut

Real Men Embrace their Feminine Side, Right Razor?

The best Center Ice experience has to be a Dallas Stars broadcast. Yeah, there are more high-profile hockey broadcasters out there, but nothing compares the night at the Improv that is Reaugh/Strangis. Maybe hockey broadcasting could be Kramer's next gig, he seems to handle unscripted moments pretty well, eh? Anyway, for some reason on Stars broadcasts, they rarely show actual commercials during the TV timeouts, chosing instead to leave the cameras running (including 2 minutes of Rod Brind 'Amour circling near the Canes bench like the Rainman), looping replays and hot mics. At one point during a penalty-rich first period of play, Ralph Strangis set up a TV timeout, and almost immediately after they were "out," you could hear Reaugh clearly say, "Man, the officials in this league are just awful." Throughout the night, it was fun to hear the off the air banter amongst the broadcast team and between the team and those in the truck.

During the second period intermission, Reaugh had John Forslund in the booth for a little ad lib session on the strangest event they ever called. Forslund described MC'ing Mike Commodore's haircut for charity, and Razor riffed about some event I can't describe or recall with any detail. That's probably because he made no sense at all. I think Forslund was equally confused, and the whole thing just fell apart at the end. After they went to break, you could hear the two busting out in laughter.

Look for yet another troubling reunion of the former Whale broadcast team tomorrow night when they pair for a Versus broadcast. Now those outtakes outta be YouTube worthy.

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