Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Great Kevyn Adams Disappearo

Kevyn Adams was began Friday afternoon's game against the Bruins centering the third line with Andrew Ladd and Craig Adams. Early in the first period however, Adams took a bad hooking penalty, and then didn't see much ice time for the remainder of the game.

At one point, I recall seeing Kevyn at the beginning of a shift chase a puck into the corner and lose his stick. By the time the play flowed back into the Carolina defensive zone, Ladd and Craig Adams were backchecking without their center. Did Lavvy yank Kevyn after one rush and a lost stick?

For the game, Ladd registered over eight minutes of ice time, and CAdams logged over seven. Kevyn played just under four minutes.

Over the last three games, Kevyn's ice time has dropped from thirteen minutes to eight minutes to less than four. For the season, he's only averaging more TOI per game than Ryan Bayda (5 games), Keith Aucoin (1 game) and David Gove (1 game).

Folks who read this blog know I'm a huge Kevyn Adams fan. He's a character guy, a guy who plays with broken limbs, and he's a fellow Miami Redskin errrrr Redhawk. For those who are blessed with the opportunity to be closer to the team, please tell me what's going on here? We've all heard the rumor about Kevyn being in Lavvy's doghouse, but is that going to be a season-long sentence to hockey purgatory?

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