Thursday, November 16, 2006

Irony, Clanging Pipes and Carolina Blueline

About Last Night
Irony was in the house last night. The Hurricanes clanged a slew of shots off the iron, and then scored the game winner off the crossbar. Ironic that the defensive stalwart we are all missing right now, Aaron Ward, Oleged the puck along the end boards to Justin Williams who then fed Roddy for the game winner - all while Matt Cullen stood like a matador and watched.

I also found it interesting that during Tripp's pre-game interview with AWard, who do we see stretching in the background? None other than Kevin Weekes. The 2002 run to the Cup finals might never have happened without Weekes 40 save game and point blank stop of John Madden in OT of game five. Weekes still can't get any love. Bubba says in his blog today that the crowd booed Weekes last night. That's too bad. Weekes is a class guy.

OBTW, could you just tell from his repeated Freudian slips that AWard kinda regrets leaving? Think he likes being in a clubhouse with Jagr and Shanny? No ongoing clash of egos there, I'm sure. Maybe Aaaron's confessed nervousness got the better of him and led to that sucker punch on Kevyn Adams in the first. Like Kevyn needed that after seeing his name in the trade rumors sections of nearly every news outlet and blog. However, he does get some props from's Shawn P. Roarke.

Two guys on the rise and one stuck in neutral
We all heard what a scoring stud Chad LaRose was during his rise from obscurity. Well he's still a role player on the 4th line, but you've seen flashes of the scorer inside that is dying to get out over the last couple of games. His one-timer off the Trevor Letowski pass Saturday vs. the Pens was slick. I don't recall ever seeing Chad get a shot from such an open position. He's usually playing with his back to the opposition net.

Moving on to Anton Babchuk. Buy this stock now. His ice time is on the rise, he's killing penalties and logging PP time. And he's not just playing it safe. He's joining rushes, banging slappers, making crisp outlet passes and playing responsibly around the net. You can see the confidence welling in this kid, and it looks like he's earning the confidence of Lavvy. His flick over the glass in the second was called by Chuck Kaiton a panicky move, but when I watched it on the DVR, it looked more like a simple physical error.

David Tanabe reminds me more every day of Kenny from South Park. You just know he's gonna get killed every night. Glen Wesley and Bret Hedican have that instinctual sense of when to sidestep and avoid the full force of a blow. Tanabe just gets plowed every time. And I find myself waiting for the rats to run out and swarm his melon after each one.

In Other News
I'm adding Carolina Blueline to the Daily Reads. Can never have too many solid Cane blogs. Trying to figure out why he has a picture of a strangely still alive looking Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys on the site today...


J.P. said...
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J.P. said...

Weekes also has one of four player websites (and a slammin' one at that)linked off the top banner at FYI.

CasonBlog said...

This year's Weekes Website looks a lot better. The old one looked kinda like a Lands' End online catalog.

John said...

I am very happy with Babchuk so far. He's not perfect, but he is getting much better, and is an incredibly pleasant surprise.

Plus, he's got a hell of a shot on him.

CasonBlog said...

I like seeing a lanky guy with grit. That body style will one day rule in all sports...except maybe golf and bowling.

d-lee said...

I dunno what Bubba is talkin' bout. I was there, and I didn't hear anyone boo Weekesy.
There may have been pockets of boobirds, but nothing arena-wide.

d-lee said...

Ahhh. There's the problem. He said Weekesy was booed in his last home game playing for the Hurricanes.

He hasn't written about last night's game yet.

Weekesy gave up five goals on just 18 shots that night, and he was indeed booed lustily.

CasonBlog said...

Yup. I missed the "..back in 2004" part.