Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mike Sundheim's Dad Weekend Photo Album

This is great stuff, especially for all us fathers of sons out there. Mike Sundheim has posted pictures of the Hurricanes' dad weekend on his "The Guy Behind the Guy" site.

Here's your 10 second photo album pre-test:
1. Which son has a Richard Nixon widow's peak that matches his dad's? (remember, Recchi now is back with the Pens)
2. Which dad looks like he just spilled that 9th vodka tonic down the front of his shirt?
3. Which dad looks like the guy on the TV commercial who wants you to learn how to use your computer by using his free CD?
4. Which dad looks like that older Borat-like Russianish guy on those discount travel TV commercials they play during every Center Ice TV timeout?
5. Which dad has a Donald Trump comb-over working real nice?

Answers tomorrow

1 comment:

d-lee said...

I think Johnny Crackers' old man looks a bit like Bill Clinton.