Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NEW a Weekly Coyotes Rant/Rave

I'm going to start doing at least one weekly rant or rave on the Phoenix Coyotes. I'm living out here in AZ, the Yotes are the closest NHL club, and while they are hard to love, it's impossible to hate this group of Bad News Bears. For youse guys back in Raleigh, bear with me. I'm going through some post-Cup separation anxiety.

Today's Episode - Bad Poker

Hardly noticed the other day was the Coyotes loss of Joel Perrault to the St. Louis Blues. Coyotes GM, Mike Barnett, took gamble after he signed free agent centerman, Yanic Perreault, to fill in for the injured Steve Reinprecht. Barnett tried to slip young Perrault thru waivers and back to the San Antonio affiliate. Bad Poker Mr. Barnett . The St. Louis Blues, who scarfed up Vladimir Orszagh, from under the Coyotes noses last year, snapped up the former 5th rounder of the Anaheim Ducks. Is Perrault a game-breaker and star on the edge of greatness? Probably not. Is he a young guy with size, speed and a scoring touch? Yes.

In David Vest's piece today, Coach Gretz' plays down the loss:

"I thought Joel played really well at the beginning," Gretzky said, "but the
last couple games, he wasn't quite the same."
He also goes on to say that if the Blues try and send him back down, the Coyotes might just return the favor. Sounds like a loss they didn't really expect to take, eh?

So the Coyotes system takes yet another hit. In filling a short term need, Barnett may have sacrificed at least a piece of the club's player-movement flexibility this season. In the worst case, he just gave away a bit of the Coyotes post-old guys who we'll have trouble shedding so we can get younger and faster like the Ducks and Sharks, future.

Now for something completely different...
Coast to coast with Freddie Sjostrom

(note that Owen Nolan appears to keep up with the speedster. Must be a YouTube illusion.)


PB said...

I think you are right here about Perault - they may have gambled and lost. The variable is Yanic Perreault and how well he plays. He has been sitting for a month (two if you count pre-season). They didn't expect the Blues to pick Perrault up. Plus, we can't have guys with the same sounding last name in our system. It gets too difficult to write their names down. ;-)

BTW, I'm originally from Florida and I know what a Stanley Cup hangover feels like. :-) I was tested last year when the 'Bolts played the 'Yotes. I found myself pulling for Ballard when he fought Lecavalier - then I knew I was a fan.

Thanks for the link!

CasonBlog said...

I'd pull for Ballard every time. That boy is nails.

I went to the Yotes/Ducks preseason game and thought Perrault was great that night. Hardly scientific observation, but he really impressed with speed and puck sense.

The Yotes seem real high on Yandle as well. I think he's real soft.

PB said...

Yandle is not there yet. He plays too scared (another reason he was sent down I think).