Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Old Homey's Week

Welcome Back AWard and Matt Cullen

The line at the top of his unofficial fanzine Website reads, "Whatever he hits, he destroys." Uhh, right. Come on, we all know yer a big softie there AWard. And I've got the picture to prove it.

I've had this pic since September of last year. At the time AWard was the Oleg Tverdovsky of that Carolina Hurricanes era. Not that he was soft, puck spitting and prone to un-diagnosable mellon ailments, it was just that he was the Hurricane most often mentioned in trade rumors.

Then Aaron showed up post lockout in Dolph Lundgren shape and proceeded to have an outstanding season in '05-'06. Aaron blocked shots, took the body and scored timely goals (see SCF, game 7). He had such a good season, JR couldn't afford him (Blogger's note: BS, yes he could have afforded to keep him).
Tomorrow night the Hurricanes welcome AWard and Matt Cullen back to the RBC. The Rangers have had an up-and-down season thus, but it ain't because of AWard and Cullen. Nope, much of that blame is going to Jaromir Jagr's shoulder, Marek Malik and an inconsistent Henny Lundqvist.
So who does AWard seek to destroy first? I say Justin Williams.

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