Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rumor Milling

Say it ain't so JR!?!
There are some really sexy SE Division players out there being bandied about as trade bait. Marty St. Louis and Vinny Lecavalier are all pricy and potentially available. The Hurricanes up-and-down season to date seems to be feeding the trade rumor mill as well, but the names aren't nearly as sexy.

Paul Kukla links to a column by Bucky Gleason in the Buffalo News on the topic of Kevyn Adams future with the Hurricanes. Wasn't "Bucky Gleason" Captain America's sidekick? But I digress. Gleason points to Kevyn's lack of ice time, buzz about Adams being firmly ensconced in Lavvy's doghouse and that way overblown scrum Kevyn had with Bret Hedican at an early season practice.

After the Cup finale, we all expected old, battered and bruised Bret Hedican and Glen Wesley to retire. After all is said and done, maybe Kevyn Adams is the one who the game is leaving behind. Moving Kevyn would be a shame. He's a class act and a gutsy team-first guy.Another name out there as trade bait appears to be little used backup John Grahame. Spector discounts Grahame's value by pointing to his "craptacular stats." This one bothers me much less. With solid prospects Kevin Nastiuk, Justin Peters and Craig Kowolski in the system, letting Grahame go for prospects or picks would be just fine.

So where are the deals? Jim Rutherford can work in stealth mode with the best of them. Granted, the Jack Johnson fisaco would be a big exception. But one obvious trade partner might be the Phoenix Coyotes. The Yotes need goaltending help and can't seem to swing a deal with Buffalo or San Jose. So, is John Grahame an answer to Coach Gretzky's dilemma? Probably not, but he is a goalie with playoff and Stanley Cup experience. So what about tossing Kevyn Adams into the mix? Think the Coyotes would benefit from a solid clubhouse guy who lives, eats and breathes work ethic and team first?

So here's the deal from GM Me: John Grahame, Kevyn Adams and David Tanabe (I'm just tossing him in gratis -hoping they won't notice) for Matt Jones and Freddie Sjostrom. The Yotes get a NHL caliber backup for Cujo with experience, even if it is less than stellar. They would also get a character guy in their clubhouse who just happens to be a free agent at the end of the season. And if JR can get them to take Tanabe...well at least they already know what he's about. The Canes would get a defensive prospect/project from a team with three solid prosects already vying for ice time (Ballard, Michalek and Yandle), and a young and speedy grinder to join Craig Adams and Chad LaRose on the 4th line. This deal works for me, but I think Gretz and Barnett probably want to try and move big ticket guys like Morris, Doan, Boynton and/or Comrie once they commence operation let's blow the whole thing up and start over.


The Acid Queen said...

JR's gotta hold off on pulling the trigger, unless he can really sucker somebody like Paul Holmgren into trading us some decent stuff.

I'm still thinking a Nobber-plus-draftpick (or two) for Pitkanen and mebbe another defenseman (since defense is our thinnest position right now).

PB said...

My lowly comments...

*there is a reason that Grahame hasn't played more with the 'Canes and everyone knows it. I think the Coyotes would be better served to develop LeNeveu or bring up Philip Sauve. In my mind, goaltending is not their primary issue.

* Tanabe was here last year and we traded him away for Dave Scatchard, who is now hurt.

However, Matt Jones could be traded and is going to be a decent defenseman but trading him for Kevyn Adams is too high a price for the 'Canes to part with as Sjostrom won't be going anywhere.

I would counter with Morris/Jones for Adams/prospect.

FWIW (probably not much! :-))

CasonBlog said...

I salivate at the idea of seeing Pitkanen in the sightless eye. Not so much Derek Morris.

PB is probably right. The Yotes won't start giving away the future when they have Roenick, Comrie et al to shed.

Black Dog said...

Don't underestimate Mike Barnett's incompetence!

Honestly can't see any takers for Grahame or Tanabe - the minors perhaps? What are their deals like?

CasonBlog said...

Adams contract is up at the end of this season. His salary would be a portion of the $725K this year. Grahame has this year and next on his $1.4 mil per year contract. Tanabe has a one year deal worth $900k. Adams looks like the best bang for the buck.

nuts4pucks said...

I heard a good one last night - K. Ads and Tanabe for Daniel Alfredsson - at Ottawa's request! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Wheeewww.