Saturday, November 18, 2006

Three Minutes of Dominance

Through the miracle of teenage decision making, I only saw the last 3:21 of the Canes/Caps game last night. The good news is we have a nice high school romance movie starring Freddy Prinze Jr. saved for posterity in its place. Like we needed another one. For every hockey game there are 20 Pokemon and 20 teen angst movies on the hard drive.

JP nailed it in his game keys over on SESO when he said the Caps needed to contain Roddy's line.

Sick Stats

  • AO registered only 3 shots the whole game - all three in the third period.
  • Eric Staal logged only 1 minute more ice time than Andrew Ladd. Is somebody being sent a message?

The Stars are in Raleigh tonight after rubbing out the Thrash last night. See Kari Lehtonen get yanked last night? The wheels on the Thrash bus might be going wobbly. Don't look now, but the Canes are now only two points behind the Cinderellas of the season's first month.

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