Thursday, December 07, 2006

Adversity Time, Break it Down

Rod Brind 'Amour seemed to be floating throughout much of the second period. And he was "unavailable" for the third period. Rod's had a lingering injury issue for awhile, but I can't seem to find anything about the nature of the injury or how long he will be down. Knowing the Warchief, he may well find a way back out there tomorrow night - whether he should be playing or not. We'll have to see how the Hurricanes respond to this new adversity.

The Editorial Board here at CB thinks it's time Eric Staal took the next step in his development. He's got Joe Thornton-like size, hands and vision, but he's got to start dominating play. He's got the speed and strength to do what Erik Cole does on the puck, but I have yet to see speed and strength this season.

Adversity often serves up opportunity. If Roddy is gonna be out for awhile, somebody has to step in and fill the leadership void. I think it's time for Eric/k to step up. Somebody has to be groomed to don the "C" in a post-Brind 'Amour world, now might be the time to see who that might be.

Me thinks Mick McGeough's helmet is too tight. What little oxygen his brain used to get has now been shut off. He misses a blatant trip off a faceoff (and JW's embellishment). He raises his hand to call a penalty, but seems to forget why his hand is up. Somebody on the board said it best. "We got Mc'Gooed."

But McGeough's incompetence is no excuse for the Canes loss last night. He's just a tragi-humorous side story. The real story is just where is the heart on this team. The Canes are great front-runners this season. Great when they have the other team on the ropes, great when the game plan works from the drop of the puck, but they are so easily taken out of their game and so inept at making between-period's just maddening.

Just a Thought
If Rod's absence will be lengthy, how about moving Andrew Ladd to #3 center? He's got great hands and has already proven a deft passer. Getting him off the wing might also lesson his collisions along the sideboards and keep him off the IR. Plus, Cory Stillman should be in the lineup tomorrow night. Need to make room at wing.


Black Dog said...

Its two games since we lost Smyth and the Oilers have played their best two games since - guys like Stoll, Torres, Lupul and Pisani - all average or worse have suddenly begun to play the way they were expected to play.

A couple of weeks off for Brindamour might, strangely enough, be good for the Canes down the road. Its not like they're going to miss the playoffs - some young guys may step it up in his absence and away you go.

CasonBlog said...

Ever gracious in victory. I'm thinking along those lines as well. Leadership needs to be a shared responsibility.