Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Canes and Flyers

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Yesterday, I thought last night's game vs. the Flyers was a non-test for the Hurricanes. I think I was wrong...again. Last night was a test of Roddy's groin, he passed with flying colors. The captain logged mui ice time and seemed to have some power back in his stride. Last night was also a test for Cam Ward. Could he put together consecutive solid performances and give his pards the chance to win a close game? Looks like he also passed his personal test, allowing only one deflected goal on 30 shots.

Last night was yet another test for the Tim Gleason - Anton Babchuk blueline tandem. I said yesterday I didn't dig that pairing. I'm still not convinced, but I'll have to say, Gleason brought the grit last night and Babchuk delivered the grace. Looked like Gleason picked that fight with Ben Eager in the second. Good on 'ya Timmaaaay! I'll take a five minute fighting penalty with a agitating AHL striker over the dopey boarding call he took in the first period any day.

Babchuk's play was solid - no delay of game penalties last night- and he showed a ton of patience on his goal in the second. During the broadcast last night, John and Tripp spoke about the extra hours Anton has spent with coaches studying film and working on his game. I think the results are starting to show. He has all the physical tools to be a dominant NHL defenseman, he just has to hone his killer instinct and become a dedicated student of the game. Did you see the between periods interview with Babchuk? He's got that Grim Reaper personal magnetism thing working real nice.


Who does he room with on the road? He needs to spend some time with Ray Whitney. Ray knows how to turn simple interpersonal communication into a circus sideshow. Whether it's artfully dropping F-bombs, mugging in the background rink-side interview shots, or turning last night's pre-game Tripp interview into a farce, Ray is a draw. I think lifestyle coach Ray could bring out the inner fun-bear in Anton.

A big test for the team on Friday night. The surging Islanders come to town with new blood and a recent stomping of the Thrashers. Speaking of new blood on the Isles, how would you like to be Randy Robitaille right about now? My fellow Miami Redhawk has played for eight teams since 2001 (Islanders now for the second time). By now I'm guessing he lives out of an RV, no sense in putting down any money on a house, or even signing a month-to-month rental contract when you're Randy Robitaille.


John said...

I'm glad you think Babchuk is scary looking, wife has dubbed him "Beetlejuice".

d-lee said...

You're confused.

Randy Robitaille plays for the Flyers. Has all season.

The recent trade involving the Islanders and Flyers was Freddy Meyer for Alex Zhitnik.

d-lee said...

Never mind. I just saw the news.

I was the one who was confused.

magnolia_mer said...

Y'all lay off Babs, 'kay? He's my sweetie. I think he's a promising defenseman who, like most who are learning English on the fly, is quite shy about conversing at great length with anyone, let alone on camera with Forehead and Trippy.

He'll get more comfortable as time goes on and lose some of that serial-killer stare.

CasonBlog said...

GM Garth (most exxxxcellent) made a couple of moves to free up cap space this week. Should make the Isles interesting between now and the deadline.

MM-Babs has a way to go before he quits reminding me of"Cruiser"from Stripes every time I see him.

magnolia_mer said...

Nah, more like Lurch from the Addams family. He sure is tall enough.