Friday, December 15, 2006

Canes -n- Leafs

Well, that nasty westward swing seems like ages ago now. The Hurricanes have been idle long enough to reflect, re-tool, and build some community good will. Luke DeCock et al are all over the Coach Mo, Bates, and Jeff O'Neill angles to this game, and I have nothing to add, other than to observe that Coach Mo remains as classy as ever, Bates seems to be taking advantage of his Coach Mo lifeline, and Jeff O'Neill? Well he still seems trending TO-like towards the dark side:

"He knows that I need to be motivated in a different way than other players. We have that understanding. If I go through a couple game stretch where he's on me to play better, it's not like you want to go in there and share a nice pop with him the next morning. It's simple as that."

And just what is that "different way?" So has Coach Mo bottled some elixir of motivation for Jeff, or is he still a Keyshawn/TO in the countdown stage? To me he still sounds like the guy who walked by me in the Rec Zone after a Hurricanes practice and took the time to tell me, "NC State sucks," as I watched the Wolfpack play an ACC tournament game on the lobby TV. To this day I wish I could have come up with more snappy retort than something along the lines of, "uhhh woook? Hell, even "No, you suck!" would have been better than that.

Here's to hoping Jeff doesn't get his dose of motivational elixir and his laziness on D leads to the game winning goal for the homeboys.

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