Monday, December 18, 2006

Canes win unconvincing at best

Warning - This Post Contains an Unfortunate Vintage Star Trek Re-Set

While I greatly enjoyed the win over the Bolts, I find myself unconvinced that the Hurricanes have turned a corner. I'm only convinced that on Saturday night, the Canes were slightly better than their mirror image - the Bolts.

The two teams remind me of the Frank Gorshin character pictured above in that bad Star Trek episode where the mirror image dudes in tights with 1-pack abs are locked in a life and death struggle while Kirk 'n crew look at them and see just two losers in heavy makeup.

Both teams are suspect on defense. Both teams have unreliable goaltending. Both teams seem to be struggling with post-championship motivational issues. Both show flashes of old brilliance, but these tend to be quickly countered by prolonged periods of stupid (too many men and delay of game penalties in the Hurricanes case). One look at the season schedule/results page for the two clubs reads like radio station call letters, "W-L-W, W-L-O, etc."

I think Keith Aucoin has added some pop to the Hurricanes attack. His feed to Ray Whitney for the first goal was slick. With his assist on Saturday night, Aucoin is only two points behind Tim Gleason and only three points behind Kevyn Adams. OTBW, KAdams logged less than two minutes of ice time Saturday night. Something is gonna have to break with Kevyn. Lavvy won't keep dressing a guy who is adding nothing to the mix.

The Hurricanes have simply got to clamp down inside the defensive zone. I really don't dig that Anton Babchuk - Tim Gleason pairing. Gleason seems to spend as much time wallowing on his belly as he does upright. And Babchuck's decision making in traffic is still suspect (ex. the Ryan Craig goal of Saturday night).

The Hurricanes play the Flyers Tuesday night. Yet another non-test. If they win, so what. If they lose however....


PB said...

Love the Star Trek reference!

I'm not sure what that says about me, but I *do* remember that episode, even though I tried to erase it from memory.

CasonBlog said...

It wasn't up there among the greats. A few Tribbles might have helped.

magnolia_mer said...

Dude, that's a seriously bad photo. Too much visible cup line. Ew!

Hey, a win's a win, even if it should be a given. I'm taking nothing for granted.