Tuesday, December 05, 2006

He's Baaack

Yes Wink, I'll take Stillman and around 70 points

They haven't been in the lineup at all this season, so it's easy to forget the Canes have been without two huge offensive weapons all year. According to the CBC, they'll get one back tonight when Cory Stillman makes his return to the Hurricanes. Frankie Kaberle is a bit further off, but it will be great to see Stillman in the sightless eye once again.

Bubba, over at Canes Country believes we'll only see Stillman sparingly and on the PP.

UPDATE: Luke DeCock says the other reports are wrong - it's gonna be Friday. We'll see.


d-lee said...

...and I'll side with Luke Decock. I don't think we'll see Stiller until at least Friday. I'm actually thinking that we won't see him until we come back home. I've been wrong before, though.

CasonBlog said...

Wonder why CBC thins it will be tonight? Can't be because they lazily just surmised that off the IR means back in the starting rotation.