Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Kevyn Adams

Joe Ovies, Bubba and the Lorenzo Perez are all over this one. Something finally "broke" today for Kevyn Adams. He will undergo minor, as in out somewhere less than 10 days, wrist surgery. Kevyn's take on the state of his game in today's N&O makes the surgery sound pretty elective:

"I feel like I've been trying to battle through it and trying to figure out
what's going on," Adams said. "But there's a lot of games this year where I'm
only playing a couple shifts,
and injuries haven't been an

If ever there was such a thing as face-saving wrist surgery, this must be it.

The biggest thing I take from the Perez piece today is that Lavvy and JR would love the hockey world to believe that it's that nagging 'ole wrist thing that has been behind Adams poor play this season. Here is Lavvy and JR on Kevyn's role on the team:
Asked to describe Adams' role on the team, Laviolette said, "I think we
want to wait and see what the doctors have to say.

"But he's been battling some injuries through the course of the year.
Hopefully he can get healthy, because he's an important part of this team."

Rutherford credited Adams with being the type of player who gives
everything he's got.
"Things haven't been going his way this season, but now
that we've identified the situation, hopefully he can get back on track,"
Rutherford said.

ATTENTION NHL GENERAL MANAGERS: Just in time for the end of the holiday trade freeze, the Carolina Hurricanes are proud to offer this new and improved Kevyn Adams. He's rested, battle tested, ready to be loved, and at the end of his very affordable contract. He's also now 100% (on the Pat Quinn sliding scale) healthy, just in time for your playoff run or pre-blow-it-up-and-start-over fire sale.

Note: Offers involving Jeremy Roenick will not be considered.


Bubba said...

You make Kevyn sound like a used car, too funny! *L*

CasonBlog said...

You know I dig Kevyn. It's more of a jab at Lavvy and JR. If Kevyn is confused about his status and/or whether he had a pressing need to get his wrist fixed, what does that say about communications between him and his leadership? He's been a good soldier, I hope they move ahead - whether it's to be a trade or a return ice time with his new wrist - with class.