Saturday, December 23, 2006

On Brendan "Punch me in the face" Witt

Hey Brendan Witt, a Promising Career in the UFC is Calling

For me, the best part about last night was not the extension of a modest winning streak, or a resurgence of the PP. What made last night special was seeing Brendan Witt get pummeled twice. The Isles own Tex Cobb's first period fight was dominated by lil 'ole 5-10 Scott Walker. The second mas more of a draw, but while Witless was cutely shifting between righty and southpaw, Mike Commodore drilled him and made him unce, tice, free-time a mady (H/T Buckwheat).

I used to despise the Caps, in large part because of Brendan Witt. When things were going bad in DC, and they often were, you could always count on Sir Brendan to try and stir things up with a chivalrous cheap shot or a provocation with his stick. Last night it was evident that he still believes he can bring the magic - he can still inspire his pards with his brand of goonery. Last night, Brendan Witt inspired his Islander teammates to a humiliating 5-1 road loss. Reminds me a lot of the old days in DC.


magnolia_mer said...

Anybody got footage of this? YouTube maybe?

John said... has some links to videos of the fights. The Walker fight was especially good...of all the games *not* to be televised, why did it have to be such a good one?

JP said...

Witt is an absolute waste. He routinely is among the League leaders in minor penalties, takes himself out of position going for the big hit, has no offensive skills and couldn't punch his way out of a piss-soaked paper bag.

Remind me again why he's worth $2.5 million?