Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So How Long Does Poutine's Revenge Linger?

Despite Her Majesty sticking up for poutine as premiere comfort food, I still think I was pretty much dead-on right yesterday. The Canes played last night like somebody dropped hallucinogenic mushrooms into their damn poutine. I predicted that Roddy Brind 'Amour would have a good night since he said nay to the poutine, but all he had to show for his dietary discipline was a -2 and blocked shot.

The boys were at least a step behind all night in Calgary. There was a Flamer stick, leg, skate, bum, torso, etc. in every passing lane. Erik Cole tried to improvise, and the Canes scrambled like a pack of rabid squirrels, but by the third period it was too late. Mikka Kipprusoff was on and it was over well before it was over.

Back to Edmonton
Night two in Alberta tonight. Not much venom seems to linger from last year's Stanley Cup Championship victory by the Carolina Hurricanes among our Oil-Blog cousins. Expect the volume in the building to be at the "11" level (still riffing on Spinal Tap). Imagine what tonight would be like if the Canes picked up Chris Pronger when he decided to go Irsay on the Oil.

Among the Oil blogs today you will find the obligatory jab at Roddy's chiseled good looks from Andy Grabia at Battle of Alberta. And Tyler at MC79 is still breaking down the Edm/Van game of the other night:

Despite that, Edmonton got outshot from inside 30 feet by a margin of
exactly one. That's unbelievable. From outside 30 feet, Vancouver outshot the
Oilers by something like 15 shots. Given that shots from that far out, you're
lucky if they go in 5% of the time, it becomes a bit easier to see how Edmonton
won last night.

You all know anybody covering hockey down here in the lower 48 who brings that level of agonizingly detailed statistical analysis? They could have used Tyler on that Warren Commission. Then we'd know who really killed JFK. I'm Howard Hughes part deux well before I get to that point.

Nothing yet from the crew at Covered in Oil. It's probably around day three of the suicide watch up there after the Smyth injury and the loss to the suddenly Full Metal Jackets, so after the crushing victory over the Nucks on Monday, they should be springing back into manic-mode later today. Expect some Braveheart caliber bravado this afternoon, followed by ugly binge drinking, arson and cruelty to small animals should the Canes prevail.

1. No poutine allowed in the clubhouse for the remainder of the roadie
2. Canes wake up and realize they aren't on an exhibition road show
3. Canes win in OT on a Justin Williams breakaway goal with 28 seconds left.


Andy Grabia said...

Expect some Braveheart caliber bravado this afternoon, followed by ugly binge drinking, arson and cruelty to small animals should the Canes prevail.

Sounds about right.

CasonBlog said...

Revenge, served cold.

thehockeychick said...

I wish I could tell you I know someone in the lower 48, let alone the South, that brings detailed statistical analysis like the Canadians. But I'm lucky to know anyone outside of myself and a few others (when I lived in Florida) that even know there are two teams in the state. =(