Monday, December 04, 2006

Sowing the Seeds of Controversy

Tim Thomas - Finland Elite League Legend and Smackmaster

Sorry Canuck MSM blogosphere, but there is no goalie controversy in Hurricane world. Sportsnet's "Hockey Hearsay" blog on Friday included a post titled, "Ward losing grip on No. 1 spot." Not sure who the author of this blog is, but he/she contradicts him/herself in the first paragraph of the post:

"Carolina goalie Cam Ward is on the receiving end of what he did to Martin
Gerber last season. Hurricanes coach Peter Laviolette said at the start of
the season that he doesn't have a No.1 goalie and he is sticking to that

So how can you lose the #1 spot if there is no assured #1 spot? Cam Ward and John Grahame will share the load until one breaks out as clearly superior. That's the way Lavvy ran it last year, and that's the way the league is heading right now - to a two goalie, merit rotation system. It's working in Anaheim and San Jose. The Hearsay poster is correct in pointing out that Cam has just not been that good. I made that point last week as well. Look at Wardo's goals allowed (second most in the league) and save percentage (less than .900), and you'll see a goalie unworthy of a #1 billing....yet.

Luckily, the Canes are sixth in the league right now in goals scored per game. Scoring lots of goals can cover for spotty goaltending, unless you have to play ATL, Buffalo or Anaheim.

In Other News
The Canes/Bruins game the other night was a thing of beauty. The red wave just smothered the Bruins in the third period. I'm still looking for the video highlight of Erik Cole's blocked shot, sprint to recover the puck, out-skate and out-muscle of two Bruin defenders, cut across the front of the crease, make the beer league goalie to flop, top-shelf goal finish. Just keep your head up Colsey, you're not quite Superman.

Speaking of Tim Thomas, David Lee over at Red and Black has a take on some interesting beer league smack Thomas laid on the media after Saturday's loss.

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