Saturday, December 02, 2006

Stillman's Coming

Double up on the finger foods

You are hearing more buzz over the past two weeks about the impending return of Cory Stillman to the Canes lineup - maybe next week? Now deciding who sits on the Carolina blueline has become a no-brainer. David Tanabe and Andrew Hutchinson, enjoy the complimentary chips, salsa and Thai chicken on a stick. It's a bit more difficult to decide who sits among the corps of forwards. I see five candidates who might join Tanabe and Hutch at the buffet:

  • KAdams

  • CAdams

  • Chad LaRose

  • Andrew Ladd

  • Trevor Letowski
Going just by the stats, it should be Kevyn Adams. He's been an absolute liability at even strength. But does Lavvy keep him for the PK and faceoffs during penalty kills? So maybe it will be Trevor Letowski. He's not buring things up either. My guess is that he'll alternate KAdams and Letowski in the hostpitality suite.

The more interesting lineup shift will occur later in the season when Frankie Kaberle returns. I think Anton Babchuk has earned a permanent spot. To me, that puts the spotlight on Tim think he likes chicken satay? Time to step up Timmay.


Pyronite said...

Babchuk has been an absolutely great shock. He seems to have more and more confidence each night, he is a strong defensive presence, rarely makes boneheaded plays that stick him in a tough spot, and has a screamer of a shot (that he is very eager to let go of).

Gleason, eh. I'm hoping he's still recovering from the injury time he faced and that he will gel with this team a bit better soon.

CasonBlog said...

I'd like to see Babchuk take a couple of Pronger's mean pills before games. A little Commodore-like mean streak to go with that shot and emerging playmaking ability.