Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Using food as a weapon

Ummmmm Poutine

I'm all about discovering new things about alien cultures. A couple of weeks ago in New Orleans, I learned that you don't "suck the heads" on prawns, just crawfish.

Canadians continue to prove themselves refreshingly foreign in the category of cuisine. Last year it was Tim Horton's spicy southwest chicken sandwich combo...comes with coffee and a donut (no longer on the menu?). This year it's something called poutine. Luke DeCock and Lorenzo Perez have Lord Stanley's Blog up and running again and in today's post they have a recap of Justin Williams playing the role of team caterer after Monday's practice in Calgary. He bought the boys sacks of burgers and poutine.

So what is this poutine stuff? It's a wicked mix of fries, gravy and cheddar cheese curds. I've never heard of cheddar cheese curds. The only curds I've ever encountered have been in cottage cheese...I hate cottage cheese. According to Wikipedia:

"After twenty-four hours, they have lost the marks of freshness entirely. They
have not become unwholesome or distasteful, but they are not fresh cheese curds
any more—they are simply insufficiently aged cheese."

I can think of no better way to sabotage a visiting club's chances on the road than thru the use of insufficiently aged cheese as a weapon. It happened to Warren Sapp in Tampa, and I fear Justin Williams has unwittingly opened the door to it in Calgary.

According to Luke, only Rod Brind 'Amour declined the Quebecois delicacy. Look for Rod to have a great game, and the rest of the boys to make multiple trips to the head.

Canes in Calgary tonight and Edmonton tomorrow. I'll be watching how Mike Commodore plays vs. his old club and how the Canes handle the speed and pain Calgary delivers for 60 minutes. Should be a nice match-up. The Canes have also delivered a lot of speed and pain the last two games. The Dion Phaneuf/Erik Cole/Eric Staal battles along the boards might be tasty as well.


J.P. said...

Any significance to that Edmonton game?

CasonBlog said...

That should be tomorrow's episode. Oil-Fan is still in self-flagellation mode over the loss of Ryan Smyth. Check out Covered in Oil from yesterday.

MetroGnome said...

Im going to the game tonight and looking forward to seeing the 'Canes play (since I almost never get to).

Also, Im a closet fan of Carolina - owing to Commodore playing there AND the fact you guys didn't allow Edmonton to win the cup...

The Acid Queen said...

Never had cheese curds before? Wow, have you ever been deprived!

And poutine is love. Seriously. It's hardcore comfort-food.

magnolia_mer said...

You get points for using the term crawfish instead of "crayfish." You'd get more points if you'd said "crawdads." Yes, one does suck crawdad heads and they're delicious!

I'll just have to take everybody's word on poutine. Doesn't sound too appealing to me, and this is a gal who's had crawfish nachos and alligator sausage.