Saturday, December 09, 2006

Welcome Paperwhites

One of the fun things to do with Statcounter is check out where your recent visit activity comes from. For example, I got a bit of activity yesterday from folks searching for John Lennon takes. Most of the time I get traffic from people doing Google searches on things like paul-kariya-sexy, bubble-hockey-figures, and camisole-shoulder-pads. I also get a strange amount of traffic from blogs that deal in obscure philosophy and battling depression. Go figure.

Today I discovered a new gem. Paperwhitesinseason is the latest Hurricane blog to join the Daily Read list. She's a Louisiana transplant with a very refined taste in 80's music. Good call on the Crowded House/Split Enz songs. Six Months in a Leaky Boat is another great Split Enz number. The Canes have spent the first two months of this season in just such a leaky boat. Welcome to our little Island of Misfit Toys, PWIS.


magnolia_mer said...

*takes a bow*

Thanks for the warm welcome. I knew we'd get along when I saw Tears For Fears' Everybody Loves a Happy Ending in your top ten albums. Guess what CD is in my car at this very moment? :)

I've been writing a lot about the Canes lately, but I also go off on tangents about obscure 80's bands and whatever I'm reading at the moment. Drop by anytime.

CasonBlog said...

I saw TFF two years ago on their Everybody Loves... tour. Fantastic show. Tucson was the last show on the tour. They clowned around with the audience and tried to crack each other up.