Friday, January 12, 2007

Canes gear and a little eye of the tiger last night

Get Yer "Snuggles" Jersey While Supplies Last!
Got this in a Google Alert from the Triangle Business Journal. Here's a tease from the into:

The National Hockey League said Thursday that merchandise sales on more than doubled during the 2006 holiday season for the Stanley Cup champion Carolina Hurricanes. Sales of Canes gear was up 117 percent in December
2006, compared to sales in the same month a year earlier.

Eye of the Tiger
Some excellent visuals from the third period of last night's magnificent comeback from 3-0 down in the third. One was a shot of Cam Ward on the bench. Dude looked absolutely stoic and unaffected after being bombarded and yanked after two periods in goal. The ability to compartmentalize is said to be a Wardo strength. He didn't even look like he needed a shower.

Another was Rod Brind 'Amour on the bench after Cole's breakaway and goal that narrowed the Kitties third period lead to one goal. Sargent Major Warchief had the glower and knitted brow ramped up as he hollered up and down the bench for the boys to keep up the pressure.

A third was the bench dialog captured on camera between Eric Staal and Erik Cole after the latter's goal. Looked like Staal asked him, "Where'd you go?" You could see Cole reply, "Five hole, Five hole."

Blueline Auditions Continue
Andrew Hutchinson and David Tanabe are playing some very strong hockey right now. With the number of clubs looking to land a puck carrying blueliner at the deadline, I think the stock for both these fellas is now on the rise. Tanabe got some glow the other day from Lorenzo Perez in the N&O, but I think Hutchinson's play has been more poised and heady. I also thought Dennis Seidenberg showed some physicality last night, but he also made some dopey soft passes that could have been disastrous. I wouldn't be surprised if it's Hutch who garners the most interest as the deadline approaches.

Am I the only one who'd love to see Scott Walker play a couple of shifts on the blueline?

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