Thursday, January 04, 2007

Canes Unsuccessfully Implementing Pond Hockey Game Plan

Good news was Center Ice carried tonight's Hurricanes/Coyotes game. Bad news is Center Ice carried tonight's Hurricanes/Coyotes game.

True to my word. A glittering post will follow tomorrow extolling the virtues of this rising leviathan in the Western Conference, my Phoenix Coyotes. Won't be hard, they are starting to earn respect around the league, and I'm feeling kinda bandwagon-fan right about now. Was I spot-on about Perreault, Nolan and my boy Ballard, or what?

What a horrible game for the champs tonight. No flow, no sense of organization, no killer instinct. Just a bunch of headless chickens spitting up pucks and running into each other. Nic Wallin got undressesed...repeatedly. What the bleep was he doing on the Yanic Perreault goal? He also coughed up the puck leading to the Jovocop goal. And what the bleep good was Erik Cole? All he did was fumble the puck into the feet of the nearest Coyote every time he touched it. Crikey, I'd have to make David Tanabe a star of tonight's game. Yeah, he fell down just like the rest of the lot, but he at least showed some speed and daring. Scott Walker and Glen Wesley were the only other Canes who looked like they were there to earn a paycheck.

Should have been around 4-0, had it not been for Cam Ward. That's one good thing about tonight. The boys hung him out to dry and you can't blame him for either goal.

The most telling play tonight was during the brief 4-4 at 5 minutes in the first when Eric Staal carried the puck over the blueline and instead of taking it strong to the net and possibly drawing a penalty, he does a dopey pirouette and looses the puck. Eric is over-thinking himself out of every game right about now. Dude, pick a fight with Brendan Witt on Saturday night. Get all that crap outta yer mellon while you go upside his mellon and get back to playing like you still love the game.

I think a shakeup is a comin'. Anton Babchuk suddenly looks lost out there and I think I saw the faces of Trevor Letowski and Eric Belanger on milk cartons today at the quickie mart.


Bill Purdy said...

Chad LaRose was the best player on the ice for the 'Canes last night. And on a night when Chad LaRose is your best player... losing 2-0 sounds merciful.

CasonBlog said...

Concur. Chad was flying out there. I wonder how he'd do on a line with Roddy.

Bill Purdy said...

Lest you think I would ever hop on board the LaRose bandwagon, consider this:

My point about [Sharpie] is that he puts forward the same amount of effort every night. And he still can't finish to save his life (i.e., the dude doesn't score goals).

Normally, he's surrounded by much better players putting forth their best effort. In those games he is, at best, a likeable but ineffective 4th-liner.

But when nobody else shows up (like against the Yotes last night), he looks downright fantastic. And in those games, the 'Canes are fortunate any time they don't give up 5 goals or even more.

On a line with Brindy, I'm guessing he'd look pretty average -- except on nights like Brindy had last night (for the record: horrid). Those nights, he'd look scrappy and determined, but he still won't have anything in the 'G' column.