Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Coyotes kick off their next decade in the desert with a youth movement

The Phoenix Coyotes kicked off their youth movement today by trading Mike Comrie to the Sens for prospect Alexei Kaigorodov. Kaigorodov ran afoul of Sens GM, John Muckler, when his bugged out and back to Roosha when assigned to the Binghampton Sens. When junior got home, he also made a point of badmouthing the Sens organization to a local reporter. USA Today has a nice track on Kaigorodov's travels this season.

Interesting move by GM Barnett and Coach Gretzky. Didn't they just lose mercurial Russky forward, Enver Lisin, who bailed after being assigned to AHL San Antonio? How bad did the Yotes want to dump Comrie and his salary? Pretty bad I'm thinking. After being burned once, they are apparently willing to take a flyer on another head case who has already run back to Mother Russia. With the pending return of centerman Steven Reinprecht, don't look for Alexi in a Coyotes sweater this season.
This from tsn via Spector:
The Coyotes will maintain Kaigorodov's suspended status, meaning they own
his rights but won't have to pay him until he returns to the NHL, perhaps, next
season. Kaigorodov is currently playing in Russia, as is Coyotes draft pick
Enver Lisin and its hoped both are focusing on the defensive aspects of their game, which could provide Phoenix with a decent 1-2 punch next year.
That leaves Ladislav Nagy, Nick Boynton, Dave Scatchard and possibly captain Shane Doan next in the queue.

What's your take PB? Care to set up a little point/counterpoint in our blogs about tomorrow's tilt in Raleigh? Care to make a wee wager? I'll be in Phoenix on Saturday to collect or pay off.


JP said...

This is the same Phoenix team that traded for Pavel Brendl last season - does their trade for a big-time talent who has shown a lack of heart and dedication really surprise you?

CasonBlog said...

Holy crap you are right (cue the Twilight Zone music) - They also traded Danny Markov for David Tanabe a few years ago.

PB said...

I think the trade was an economic move where Kaigorodov could be enticed to come back to the NHL and possibly bring Lisin with him. Maybe not, but the Coyotes now have room to move for future plans if they need to. With Reinprecht's return they needed the space and the finances. Plus, we have bargain players that are due pay raises for next season (i.e. Yanic Perreault).

I like the trade believe it or not. However, it helps the Senators now and with the Coyotes the results of the trade remains to be seen. The guy has potential though, but so did Lisin...

AFA the counterpoint stuff in the blogs...

Game on! :-) the current Coyotes team could make the Hurricanes work harder than they thought they needed to.

I'll write a preview in a few.