Monday, January 15, 2007

Coyotes, Sharks and Phoeb's Sjostrom

Shark-Fan is in da house

Saturday was a bad night for hockey in Phoenix and Raleigh, but a good night spent with fellow blogger, PB and the gracious Mrs.PB. PB has a detailed summary of the game over at One Fan's Perspective. The Coyotes played a solid second period, but with Cujo in a giving mood, bad penalties (including two from Shane Doan) and poor overall defensive discipline, the dogs got behind and never recovered.

On the way home, I listened to the Coyotes Wrap-Up radio show, and the host talked about how the Coyotes have to "play their game" in order to win consistently. I'm so tired of that line. Who doesn't need to play their game to win? What does that mean? The glaring reality that struck me on Saturday night was that the Coyotes don't have answers for superstars like Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau.

I was most impressed with Marleau. While Thornton kind of glides around like a condor, Marleau can undress a defenseman or power right thru a stacked blueline with a blast of speed. He also pummelled my boy (and PB's boy), Keith Ballard during their brief first period bout.

Kevyn Adams played a pretty solid game, but Mike Zigomanis centered the line with Kevyn and Freddie Sjostrom and seemed to be the best two-way player on that line. The spent most of the night skating against Thornton's line.

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the upper deck presence of Shark-Fan. The silver and teal face paint didn't quite disguise the telltale jet-black died scraggly hair or spiky mohawk of the committed professional touring anarchist. Every last one of them, both the men and those that were kind of womanish, were Robert Smith clones. Needless to say they were elated and loud as they departed the arena for their refrigerator box, errrrr hostel.

Best line of the night came from Mrs. PB, who said that their nickname for Freddie Sjostrom was "Phoeb's." The name was assigned to recognize Freddie's rather unique skating style - one that involves widely bowed legs, knees that appear capable of helicopter-like rotation and flailing arms. I didn't get it until I saw this on YouTube:


PB said...

Love the face painters:

[insert David Putty impression]

"Gotta support the team"


At least they didn't take off their jerseys to read "Sharks." I think we would have been blinded.

thehockeychick said...

LMAO... that's good stuff... I love that episode with the Devils game... and the Phoeb's reference is awesome as well =) And seriously, why DO they have to continuously use that line? Some of the radio and tv broadcasters need to be a little more creative in their post game excuses.

magnolia_mer said...

Robert Smith, ew. Bad ex-boyfriend flashback.

Love the Feebs clip, though.