Monday, January 08, 2007

God's Waiting Room-West Welcomes Kevyn Adams

Dear Coyotes Fans,
I think this picture says it all about Kevyn Adams. Stanley Cup Championship, manly playoff beard, game seven busted up hand and cute kid in tow.

For some reason, I expected a nicer send-off from Jim Rutherford than this:

"We thank Kevyn for his good service during his years in Carolina.”
This deal has been coming for awhile. I like the move for both guys and both clubs. In Dennis Seidenberg, the Hurricanes get a youngish (25) puck carrying defenseman who tsn probably rates a little stronger than his play thus far would warrant. Seidenberg has been the odd-man this season, and Gretzky Co. did a nice job of dumping Seidenberg's two-year, $750K salary for a guy they only have to pay thru the end of this season. The Yotes are fat on the blueline, so the bottom line is more prime time for the youngsters and Nick Boynton when the latter returns.

In Kevyn Adams, the Coyotes rent a character-guy for the remainder of this season on the cheap who knows how to leverage the power of over-achievement. KAds with a new lease on life and something to prove will help the Coyotes at a critical point in what looks like their return to respectability.

So are there potential losers in this deal? I say yes for a number of players on both squads. Current Coyotes who probably dig this deal least would include ex-Hurricane Mike Zigomanis, who might see his PK time diminished, and Dave Scatchard and his $2.1 mil per for three and one half more seasons. Scatchard's name is one frequently mentioned in trade rumors, and now that the Yotes have a guy who can play the grinder role for much less $$$$, you can look for the Yotes to try and move Scatchard near the deadline.

A bunch of Hurricanes would probably tell you on the waterboard that they don't dig this deal. I would include David Tanabe, Andrew Hutchinson, Nic Wallin and Anton Babchuk who will all now have to wonder who gets the hook (via trade, waiver or demotion) when Frankie Kaberle, Bret Hedican, Glen Wesley and Tim Gleason return. The only way JR moves Hedican or Wesley is if the Canes are totally in the tank by the deadline and he finds a way to give these two old warriors one more shot at a Stanley Cup run.

Dear Kevyn,
Welcome to the Valley of the Sun! I hope you bring the family and treat the next few months like an extended vacation. Have Coach Gretz call in a marker so you can put the crew up in one of Scottsdale's Five Star resorts. Make the whole thing a grand adventure. See you this weekend. PB and I are gonna be at the Yotes/Sharks game on Saturday night.
Warmest Regards,


d-lee said...

I don't think Wallin or Babchuk have anything to worry about.
Hutch will return to "healthy extra" status and Snuggles will too. I think they both have one-way contracts, so demotion isn't an option.

PB said...

You are right on about the Scatchard analysis, which I haven't considered until this point.

Kevyn will have a chance here, no doubt about it and thinking on it further, the Coyotes are on the upswing so that should give him a lot more spark.

I caught most of the Hurricanes playoff run last year, and I really liked how he played then. I hope he gives the Coyotes the same type of lift.

Speaking of the Coyotes/Sharks, I do have two students who are big Sharks fans, and still think the Coyotes stink. There was no persuading them until I made the comment, "Um..boys...8-0? 3-2? Yannic Perreault?"

Their look was priceless - like deer caught in the headlights.

Part of my course requirementsis to teach argument and persuasion - I guess I have my work cut out for me.

CasonBlog said...

If those boys are teenagers, you've got a hell of a debate on your hands.

CasonBlog said...

David-Not that these pairs necessarily match but if the Canes dress six blueliners, who is the odd man out?

I wonder if Babchuk will end up being odd-man out. Won't really be an issue until Kaberle and Hedican are both back.

CasonBlog said...

And I even forgot Commodore!!

Now the Canes should dress some combo of the following:
(Hutch sits)

But what about one month from now (barring other injuries)?

Dave said...

Jr should try and p/u Douggy Weight again! The Blues are once again in the WC cellar... we need the offense and leadership...