Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oooh, That was nice

Trying to maintain an even strain today. Just saying no to rampant negativism. Sticking with the vows and accentuating the positive. Here we go.

Welcome to today's Oooh, That Was Nice List.
1. Dennis Seidenberg to a breaking Ray Whitney for the Canes only goal.
2. David Tanabe standing up for the Warchief after the knee-to-knee shot from Alexei Ponikarovsky. Yeah, he pretty much got pummeled by a Euro, but at least he tried real hard.
3. The Hurricanes still hold a two point margin in the race for eighth.
4. Doesn't the area in front of Cam Ward look all light blue and pretty when there are no garish red sweaters clogging it up? The views of juicy rebounds are also much better without all those Hurricanes in the way.
5. The Caps and Panthers were losers last night. Ha, ha you suck too.

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