Friday, January 19, 2007

Who Needs a Change of Scenery?

Add Trevor Letowski to the 6-Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Last night's loss at home to the Caps marks yet another in a string of nights when the Champs just didn't show up. Looks like Lavvy's head is now exploding on a nightly basis.

One look at the standings right now will tell you that the Flyers are about the only door mat in the Eastern Conference. The Canes lost 5-2 to that door mat on December 31st. The only other bad club in the east is the Florida Panthers, and it's only by the grace of God and some timely Kitty meltdowns that they too haven't embarrassed the Canes in recent weeks.

There are seven clubs within 8 pts or less of the Canes today. Nearly all believe they have as much chance to go deep as anybody else. Here a short list of Hurricanes who GM Cason would be ready to offer a change of scenery to right now:

  • Trevor Letowski - Hollowman has 5 friggin points and still one more year on his contract arrrgh!!!

  • Bret Hedican - Hip, hand, finger and getting too old and brittle issues. He's the team's #2 Hanger Queen after Frankie Kaberle, and Bret too is under contract thru next season. Maybe he can land a cushy front office job before then. How does senior associate director of player development sound Mr. Heddy?

  • Dennis Seidenberg - He's been nothing short of Bad Luck Schleprockberg since the deal. I'm having nightly Oleg Tverdovsky flashbacks. His butt sliding, puck deflecting off the armpit and into the goal while knocking the net off it's mooring trick was an instant classic.

  • Eric Belanger - The 80-something-ith ranked centerman behind such NHL luminaries as Glen Metropolit and Randy Robitaille. Funny thing is, Matt Cullen is right there with him.

  • John Grahame - I'd almost work a deal to bring back Marty Gerber to give Crackers a change of scenery...but not for $3.7 mil per.

Guys who are close to dead to me right now:

  • Andrew Ladd - How long till this former #4 overall pick starts doing something other than crashing into walls and going on the IR?

  • Tim Gleason - Hanger Queen #3. I'm withholding the last ounce of venom-rich final judgement only because he's young like Ladd.

I'll tell one guy who shouldn't be on any shit list - David Tanabe. I'm riding shotgun on the "Snuggles" bandwagon right about now.

Time for JR to work some pre-deadline, get out their first, deal magic. He probably can't get much for some guys stuck on knucklehead or underachieve, so I think it's gonna have to be a prospect/pick/cash deal like last season. Owen Nolan, Mike Knuble, Marco Sturm (maybe), Brad Stuart and our old pal, Aaron Ward, are guys I'd look at cutting a deal for. Ranger-Fan is way down on AWard. As an added bonus, I'd even stuff a free Trevor Letowski into the stick bag of any Hurricane involved in a deal.


magnolia_mer said...

I can't argue with you on this.

Ooh, Aaron Ward back...I can only dream.

Yep, we need a trade. You think Seidenberg sucks that much?

What about Tanabe and the own-goal last night? I don't get the love.

CasonBlog said...

I've gone from slamming pins into my Tanabe voodoo doll to thinking he's the least of the Canes worries. I don't think you count the fluke from last night.

Charles said...

it seems the only highlights i see from award are bloopers maybe a trip down south would do him some good. the player i miss the most is cullen. i think we should have done what we could to keep him. i would like to see bertuzzi on the third line for the canes. see if he works his way up. could you imagine a line w/ bertuzzi/laross or ladd (dont know who would center) all three of those players play full steam ahead. almost like grinders with a scoring touch. the canes lack a physical edge in the forward department. stick this line out on the ice and create some energy. maybe w/ adams between them. i know bert is a top line guy but he has to work his way up. if he regains form (as much as i like stiller) he could see top line work w/ stall and cole (i would love to see him on the other side of cole.) i think that a quick fix for the team would be bertuzzi. of course i dont know of his availibitly/price or our cap space and how all that would work. but i can always dream

The Acid Queen said...

Who's this "Stall" guy people keep talking about? Does he play for us?

Seriously, I'd like to know.

Misspelling the name of our first-round pick from 2003 is almost as idiotic as misspelling the first name of the Hurricane in the #26 jersey, to me. Actually it's equally idiotic, because both manglings are borne of nothing more than pure and simple laziness.

*grumbles and goes back to the mountaintop*

Charles said...

i gotcha i gotcha. what happened to your walkabout.